Three Signs of a Malfunctioning Computer Power Supply

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Three Signs of a Malfunctioning Computer Power Supply
Power Supply provides electricity of the proper voltage and current to your computer. It regulates the amount of voltage the gets in to your computer and keep it from using too much electricity, making other components safe from overheating and short circuit.

A malfunctioning power supply can serious damage your whole computer. It can burn some components or cause the whole thing to crash, and can never be used again. Thus, it is very important that you check on your computer’s power supply as soon as you notice something weird on it. Replacing it immediately can be a little hassle, but destroying your whole computer system causes your more unimaginable inconvenience. Here are the three tell tale signs of a faulty power supply that you should always look for.

1. Overheating issues
It is normal for the computer to give off heat when used; this is the reason why the computer has its own fan cooling system. However, power supplies with dead or even slightly defective fan will not be able to cool the whole thing properly, causing the temperature level inside to rise.
Lots of overheating issues can be caused by the PC’s hardware itself, particularly the CPU, and if this is the case, then you’re using the wrong or defective one for your computer. Make sure you always use the right hardware for every component of your computer.

2. Crashes and Failures
If you have just upgraded your PC (upgraded some high-end components for the processor, video card, installed more fans, etc), and you experience often system crashes and failures that you haven’t encountered before, it’s a hint that your power supply can’t support its current load.
High-end parts need more power, thus you can’t expect your current generic power supply to support it all and run them safely. Without enough power getting through your computer components, your PC will automatically shut down, and frequent crashes can cause serious damage to your computer, even to your newly installed parts.
Also, unsolved overheating can result into system crashes and failures.

3. Annoying Noises
A malfunctioning power supply will usually grumble some strange noises inside your computer. This is a hint that it’s struggling to operate. Strange noises can be caused by clogged dirt on its fan.
To clean your power supply, you can use a brush and a vacuum cleaner set on low to medium mode to suck up all dirt clogged inside.
Be cautious of overheating, crashes and failures, it’s a good hint of the current situation inside your computer. Replace your power supply with better power as soon as you notice signs for serious problems and keep your PC safe from complications.
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