Installing Front Panel Fans In Your Computer

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Installing Front Panel Fans In Your Computer
It is usually the smallest piece of sophisticated items that go bad first, and in the case of computers, computer fans are no different. Fans may be small and simple machines, but when they do down, the whole computer system suffers, as there will be nothing left to regulate the heat inside, and when the heat rises, expect your computer to work erratically.
It is fairly easy to replace computer fans, read on to learn more of the step by step procedure and do it right.

Step 1

Unplug your computer from its power source (this should go without saying). Make sure you keep all metal surfaces to the ground and keep any static electricity away from your body before you start sorting things out in your computer.

Step 2

Open the computer by unscrewing screws from the outside rim at the back of your computer, and then slide the chassis out. You can take off either one or two sides of the same computer case. Some new computer cases, like Dell, allow users to open chassis by depressing two big buttons placed on top and bottom of the computer case.

Step 3

Inspect the inside of your computer and find the defective fan or the fan you want to replace. Most of the time, it is the fan at the bottom from face of the case that gets busted. This is usually attached with four screws, one on each of its corner. This fan is also attached in your computer's motherboard by a pair of wires.

Step 4

Unscrew that particular fan from the case and take it off from its position nice and slow. Make sure it faces the right way as you take it off. The rule of thumb here is to make the manufacturer's label face the inside of the computer while the UL should be facing the front of your computer. With this fashion, it will work as an exhaust fan. Take note of the outlet that connects the fan to the motherboard before unplugging the old fan.

Step 5

Screw the new fan in place; follow those wires that connect the old fan to the motherboard. Make sure the black and red wires on the connector are plugged right at the same pins as before.

Step 6

Blow out some of the dust using a canned air before closing the case back. Then screw the chassis back in place.

Step 7

Plug your computer and see how your new fan works.

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