Easy Ways to Minimize Computer Fan Noise

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Easy Ways to Minimize Computer Fan Noise

The main reason for computer fan noise is dust and dirt accumulated on its heater. Fan cools down heat emission, and fan on processor is controlled by software, which would depend on the temperature. Thus, when dirt and dust clogs the fan, the software will make the cooler fans run faster. If you’re using 80 mm or 10 mm, it would be wise to replace it with 120 mm.

Computer noise caused by fans can be really irritating, especially when you’re concentrating on your work, or watching a movie in your computer. Also, noisy fans can cause serious harm to your computer, as it won’t be able to provide enough cooling in your computer system due to clogged dirt and dust. Here’s other easy ways to minimize the noise of your computer fan.

1. Clean Your Fans
Cleaning your fans is the most simple and effective way to reduce noise and increase fan’s efficiency. Those accumulate dirt and dust in your fan’s blades simply hampers the speed of the spin, thus reducing the flow of air inside your computer case. With less airflow, components inside will not be effectively cooled. And as the temperature inside your computer case rise, your fans, particularly in your processor, will be forced to run harder and make irritating noise in the process. Include thorough fan cleaning in your computer routine. Clean all the blades of your internal fans so they can operate in their maximum efficiency with lower noise levels.

2. Replace Your Fans
You may not know it, but excessive noise may be a sign that some of your computer fans are not powerful enough to cool the inside of your computer. In this case, you need to identify those inefficient fans and replace them with better fans. Better fan means a fan that can provide bigger volume of air but makes significantly less noise. This means fans with high CFM (cubic feet per minute) specs and low decibel counts (dB).

3. Work in a Cooler Place
If your room temperature is cool, your computer fans will automatically cut out its performance, thus, they don’t need to spin fast and make a lot of noise. Using your computer in a cool area will help your computer save some power consumption from its fans. You can easily do this by placing your computer in a shady part of your room, away from sun’s rays.
Also, you can set yet your air conditioner to a good cool level and help your fans to get some cool air inside to cool its system.
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