The Different Types of Computer Training

The Different Types of Computer Training

Computer training seems to be everywhere these days!  In an age of the discerning consumer, you should investigate fully before you're roped into anything; this includes your computer training classes.  Even from apparently reputable sources, there is often training out there that, at the very least isn't suited to what you're trying to learn, and in extreme situations are a misrepresentation and a rip-off.  Knowledge is power.  What follows is a broad overview of what basic computer training often consists of and on a few topics it’s this training is offered on.

Microsoft office: People just getting started with the office program often get enrolled in this class for an overview of the components to the popular system.  Often they start with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access and the manner in which you use them to the utmost.  Classes are also formed around Microsoft Excel at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

PC Repair: A class focused on gaining a grasp of computer hardware, software that runs on a PC, resources available to both the PC customer and more advanced assistance privy to a certified repairman.  Classes often leave the student with the confidence to tackle PC problems.  Courses can last anywhere from a few weeks to an intensive weekend long and include things like: computer safety, computer types, computer components, Windows OS, boot up problems, drivers, preventative maintenance, security, and emerging technologies.

Desktop publishing: this brand of publishing is in high demand as the need is ever present and the technology begins to catch up.  You used to have to go to a print shop; today you can create a print shop in your bedroom for things like flyers, reports, newsletters, even advertising.  With this need come two types of software depending on your needs.  Classes are often taught around Adobe software, the more advanced software, often used for commercial printing at a professional level; and Microsoft publisher which is intended for smaller businesses, is less expensive, and has fewer options.

Teacher Training: If you can't beat them, join them!  People who have more of an interest in passing on the knowledge can become certified in any number of programs including Windows, .net, Access, Excel, Java, and Oracle among many others.  Training of teachers is often very specialized, though the presumptive teachers, in their travels often pick up much of the knowledge involved around other programs or they may be cross over teachers; teaching numerous subjects.  Or they could just be very technically proficient, which they oftentimes are.

There are many types of computer training depending on your aspirations with computers that we haven't even discussed here.  You can write program, take on more advanced computer language in your teachings or any number of other different tasks depending on your experience.  Computer training looks likely to become as basic as math and English; staying current on subtle trends is impossible for most of us, but a broad understanding of the ways these machines work is fast becoming essential for life in most civilized nations.
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Onsite Computer Training

Onsite Computer Training

Do you envy your office colleagues because they are computer savvy? You can too and you can seek the help of your employer if you need to. Many large companies offer computer training of their employees to help them move forward in the corporate ladder or merely develop their computer skills to be able to work better. Onsite computer training will be advantageous to employees who are willing to learn.

What is on-site computer training?

Mostly, employers want their employees to learn a certain computer programs to help them perform their job well. Of course, this is not the only advantage of on-site computer training because while learning the computer program needed by the company, the employee likewise learns additional skill that will help them in the future.

On-site computer training as the term implies is computer training conducted in the place of work or home of the enrollees. Mostly, these trainings are conducted in large company premises. This is to avoid additional expenses such as travel cost and time flexibility.

Benefits of onsite computer training

As mentioned above, the company may reduce its expenses because the computer training is done in their own premises.

- Time flexibility, trainings can be done during off-peak hours or after normal working hours.

- Companies may also define the training programs so that they only pay for their specified computer training module.

- You develop the skills of your employees that will help them work well for you.

There are other benefits that the companies may receive from having their employees’ computer trained. One of which is the loyalty of the employees who received the computer training. Employers will therefore be able to keep their best employees and further develop their reputation as a company who cares for the welfare of their workers.

Of course, one major advantage is that their employees will be able to work well for the company and thus bring in the profit faster. This is the main reason why large companies have their employees computer trained.

Cost of on-site computer training

If the computer training is for a program necessary to conduct the work well, such as Microsoft Office, the employer only pays for this module. Then, the company shoulders the cost.

If the computer training is for personal development of the employee, the management may shoulder the full cost of the on-site computer training or share with the employee a certain percentage. 

Finally, because in on-site computer training, you need to bring in the trainer, the cost may be a little more expensive but employers’ benefit largely from having their people computer savvy and thus, the cost is the last consideration, if ever.

I may however recommend that before you hire a computer training institution to conduct onsite computer training for your employees, check them out first.  If they have been in business for more than five years, then you may be assured that they can train your employees well enough. The knowledge of their trainers may also be a consideration before you hire them.

Onsite computer training is a benefit you can extend to your employees; you will boost their loyalty to your company if you can help them learn the skills they want to learn all this years.
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Online Network Computer Training

Online Network Computer Training

Introduction to Online Computer Training: Online computer training is becoming more popular as they are ready available through websites. In the recent past many online universities and institutes have started offering various programs through Internet. You will find that these Institutions offer a number of courses not only in IT and management but many other specialties also. The study is carried out as per the guideline provided to you through the website or through email.

The online computer training is more useful than the offline or classroom computer training due to various reasons. Here in online computer training you get the instructions and you can have the text reading several times to understand the subject. The other advantage of online computer training is that you can study the subject in your spare time and thus you can take a full time job and earn.

Network Learning: Online network computer training courses are available in many disciplines such as education and training in computer networks, local area network design and application, wireless network, network security, wireless LAN and routers. Although the area of networking is vast but the online computer training provided to you in networking is sufficient enough to guide you to learn and carry out local area network design and its faultfinding.

Now days local area networks are in demand as majority of business owners prefer to attach the computers in their office or home through LAN (local area network). The LAN not only finds its applications in business houses and corporate but many home owners having multiple computers in their home also prefer to have local area network.

The courses are designed to give you an out view of the networking essentials and the details of the requirements of computer networks. The institute provides the course material and also provides step-by-step instructions. The networking essentials give you the idea about the basic features of the networking computer courses. After completing the course the institutes take test or examination.

Networking Courses: Online networking computer course covers the major topics required to get the complete coverage of the networking and attain proficiency in networking. The course work is designed in such a way that you not only get proficiency in your work but you are open to new job opportunities also. The coursework includes various topics such as introduction to TCP/IP, TC protocols, Internet protocols, Fundamentals of LAN, Wide area network and its fundamental, network configurations, network basics, network management, maintenance of networks and network security.

 In addition to covering important theoretical papers, the emphasis is also given to do the practical job, which is essential for gaining independence in your work. The programs offered by various institutes are quite interesting and most of the certificate level courses are very affordable also.
Conclusion: The online network computer training is available to people from all over the US and depending on your requirement, you can select a suitable course offered by any of the institutes. Although you may find the course very interesting until and unless you do not devote time on learning especially practical work you are hardly going to get any benefit from it.
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Buying a Computer Processor: Six Factors to Consider

Buying a Computer Processor: Six Factors to Consider

When you’re trying to build your own computer from scratch or upgrading for a higher end parts from old computer model, the first thing you should consider is your CPU (central processing unit), particularly your processor. A lot of computer users actually base their CPU speed choice alone, but there are quite a lot of factors that can affect CPU’s performance aside from its speed.

This article will give you 6 factors to look for before purchasing your CPU and help you in your upgrade decisions.

1. CPU Speed
CPU speed or also known as the clock speed, determines the rate at which your PC can run its installed programs. Old CPU models normally have clock speeds of up to hundreds of megahertz (MHz). Modern models of CPUs today have exceeded those models by far, as CPUs now run in gigahertz (GHz). Of course, fast computer is always better than the slow ones.

2.Quad Core vs Cor i3, i5, i7 series
If you’re running a lot of applications and programs in your computer simultaneously, then you should consider getting higher end processors. These processors can be pretty expensive, but they surely can help a lot in your productivity. If you’re just purely into gaming, then you can stick to medium-end processors, which significantly cost less. You can also check for other brands other than Intel, such as AMD. Just make sure you get the right counterpart of your choice.

3. Bandwidth
Bandwidth determines the amount of data your PC can run in one instruction. This is measured in bits, and most computer processors run on 32-bit processors. Modern computer processors on the other hand now run in 64-bit bandwidth speed.

4. Front Side Bus (FSB) speed
This component permits the information relay between your CPU and other parts of your computer. The speed of FSB is the pace which information is transmitted between the CPU and the rest of the system.

5. Level 2 (L2) Cache
The L2 cache is the CPU’s own memory and this is where data can be accessed and stored immediately. If L2 cache gets full, your computer will automatically store some of its data in your RAM. The CPU will then wait for that data to be transmitted from the RAM. Large L2 cache can be very helpful in running multimedia applications.

6. Compatibility
Motherboards don’t support every CPU, so when you’re assembling a computer or upgrading your old one, make sure your CPU is compatible with the motherboard chipset. You research or ask computer sales personnel for your computer compatibility concerns.

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One on One Computer Training

One-on-One Computer Training

Computers are extremely important in today’s business environment. Thus, a computer savvy individual will have all the advantages of e-commerce, on-line communication and easily click their way to success. If you want to learn computer, one very convenient way to learn is through one-on-one computer training.

Many institutions offer computer trainings, thus, for those who want to learn computer and take advantage of all the benefits computers can offer will be able to do so in many ways. One of which as mentioned earlier is through one-on-one computer training.

Before we discuss what are the advantages of one-on-one computer training, let us first discuss what are the other computer training programs available.

Computer training programs

- Classroom computer training.  You attend class like a regular student and train computer skills in a classroom set up.

- On-line computer training.  You enroll for on-line computer training and learn computer in your free time while connected to the Internet. 

- On-site computer training, this is commonly sponsored by your employer. They send the computer teachers in your workplace and conduct the computer training right there.

The most beneficial computer training would be the one-on-one computer training program. You may need to go to the institution and apply for your computer training. Set up a schedule and learn computer skills that you do not yet possess.

Benefits of one-on-one computer training

- Time flexibility, you may either schedule your computer training on weekends, nighttime or a specified time during a specific day.

- Location flexibility, you may ask the computer trainer to conduct the training either in your workplace of your home. 

- You will be trained computer skills at your own pace. You are not attending classroom computer training and thus the training is structured based on your need and your capacity to understand the instructions. 

Especially for those who already know what a computer is and possesses a few computing skills, one-on-one computer training will be easy and fast compared to a classroom training where teachings are structured to meet the learning pace of the slowest student.  You therefore have to wait until your classmates learn enough.

Of course, one-on-one computer training will be a little more expensive compared to attending regular computer classes. However, as mentioned before, you only need to enroll for the skills you need and thus pay only that portion.

Another advantage is that you have the full attention of your trainer and thus will be able to shoot all the questions you have and learn faster.

One-on-one computer training is advantageous in all aspect. However, I may say that you need to check out the computer training institution before you enroll. This is to ensure that the trainers are knowledgeable enough, and have the reputation that you need.

Check out the computer training institution and make sure that they are in business long enough to train people to success.

Do not enroll for one-on-one computer training to an institution because they offer less expensive trainings.  You will need to enroll on a computer training institution that have been in business for a minimum of five year, their length of business will tell you how well they can teach you.
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